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 What is there to do in Waipu?

The close-knit community of Waipu offers a vast range of sporting activities which include rugby, tennis, croquet, bowling and fishing – it is also home to the Award Winning Waipu Pizza Barn and the famous Waipu Museum.

What is the best area in Waipu? That depends on your needs - call in to our office and chat to one of our friendly staff. They know Waipu as they live there!

3 The Centre, Waipu is where you will find us.


 Situated approximately 90 minutes from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Waipu is a fast-growing friendly village with easy access to some of Northland’s favourite beaches. Uretiti, Ruakaka, Waipu Cove, Langs Beach and One Tree Point are only a short drive away.

With a rich Scottish Heritage and strong sense of community, Waipu is a quirky little town with a big personality. Waipu was the centre of a significant Presbyterian settlement led by Rev. Norman McLeod, a Presbyterian Minister who led his people from the Highlands of Scotland to New Zealand via Pictou and St. Ann’s in Nova Scotia and Australia. Five shiploads containing over 800 settlers arrived at Waipu in the 1850s. This influence has made Waipu a friendly coastal town with a Scottish heart.

What is the population of Waipu?

Waipu has a permanent population of over 1500 residents. This number swells to well above that in the summer months, due to its close proximity to Auckland and ideal location in beautiful Bream Bay and all it has to offer.

There’s always something happening in Waipu and in the greater Bream Bay area. Cafés and eateries, farmers’ markets, museums – you name it, Waipu has it! 

During the month of July there’s even a festival based almost entirely around tartan. Named Waipu’n’Tartan, this event showcases that famous fabric and all things Scottish.  

What is the best beach in Waipu? Waipu Cove and Langs Beach are the pick of the local beaches and make a day at the seaside a truly wonderful experience.

What is the cost of a house in Waipu?

High house prices in Auckland have seen an increase in the population here in Waipu, with many families choosing to sell up and head to where the lifestyle is unparalleled and the price is much more affordable.

How do I buy a house in Waipu?

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